INTERVIEW AUDIO: Voivod drummer Michel "Away" Langevin on technology, dystopian sci-fi themes, Steve Albini + more.
And it was fun as heck. (p.s: Satan?)
Will there ever be? Who knows, but The Police tried to get things going in that direction 40 years ago.
I know why >I< do them, though. And I've also got an alternative up my sleeve.
Day after day, sports commentators toss astronomical dollar figures around, de-sensitizing the audience to the scale of the wealth they're describing…
I live in a region that outsiders routinely fall in love with, but many of the natives look to the horizon to find where they belong.
Biden's latest teleprompter gaffe makes both his cognitive decline and our widespread cognitive dissonance painfully clear.
This comes to mind for me as new music is released every single week.
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